Rogun Hydropower Project, Tajikistan

Huckbody Environmental has been commissioned by the World Bank to undertake an HSE due diligence analysis of the Rogun Hydropower project in Tajikistan.
According to the current conceptual design Rogun would be a reservoir type HEPP with a dam height of about 335 m X ca.1500m at its base. The reservoir would have a total storage volume of 13.5 million cubic meteres and an active storage volume of about 10.3 km3. It will extend upstream over a distance of about 70 km. The installed capacity will be 6×600 MW (totaling 3.6 GW). Potential resettlement is at least 30,000 people and possibly > 40,000 people.

Looking at the dam site from upstream

Looking at the dam site from upstream

The tunnels through the mountain through which the river will again be diverted

Virtually everything in the photograph is due to be submerged by the enormous reservoir.
The photograph below shows one of the villages that will be submerged by the reservoir and requires relocation. Resettlement of some of the people due to be affected by the project commenced in the 1980’s during Soviet times and is still ongoing today.

Part of what will become the reservoir

A large resettlement effort continues for the relocation of communities that lie in the footprint of the reservoir.

Resettlement - replacement housing in a new town being constructed